Press Reviews

“You might be able to spell comedy without Lori Hamilton, but you really shouldn’t.”
-Sean Daniels, Dad’s Garage Theatre Company

-Atlanta Press

“Lori Hamilton is nuts! Her work is hilarious and surprising and wonderfully human in it’s zaniness.”
-Chris Coleman, Artistic Director, Actor’s Express, Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Opera, Portland Center Stage

“[Lori Hamilton’s] solo piece is about our search for happiness and fulfillment, and what we think we have to do before we do our art. Blending slides, video, music and sound effects, she cooks up a meal from daily life in the candid tradition of Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg.”
-Starla Smith, Seattle CitySearch

“When Hamilton gives herself over to portraying her immigrant grandmother grappling with Moby Dick, she’s thought provoking and touching….she makes us sit up and take notice.
-Kelly Kleiman, Chicago Reader

“Keep your eye on Lori Hamilton! She’s a gifted writer, storyteller, singer and actress. Mixing traditional theater, performance art, and her own special blend of whimsy and insight, she creates theatrical events that are both entertaining and relevant to our times. Check her out now or you won’t be able to say ‘I knew her when…’!”
-Terry Beaver, Tony Award-nominated actor

Press Quotes

“Brilliant work…awe-invoking…an enormous endeavor…her expansive range of appearances is delightful to watch…comical and economical… vulnerable… inspirational… a slice of life that is diverse enough to entertain us and personal enough to embrace us.”
-Atlanta Press

“8 characters… 15 costume changes, all of which are done on stage in the midst of a multimedia landscape created by slides, video, music and sound effects… prestigious… unusual… an easy and contagious laugh”
-Atlanta Journal Constitution

“if you missed the Herculean labors performed by the versatile and dynamic actress and author Lori Hamilton, now is the time to overcome that mistake… Hamilton brings insight, humor and endearing sincerity to the stage in a story that is both unpredictable and relatable to our everyday lives.”
-Southern Voice A-List

“an up-and-coming comedienne…[with] artistic vision.”
-Seattle Weekly

“Lori Hamilton is nuts! Her work is hilarious and surprising and wonderfully human in its zaniness.”
-Chris Coleman, Artistic Director, Director Portland Center Stage; Alliance Theater, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, New York Theatre Workshop

“what a pleasure it was having you in Denver. the show went over wonderfully”
-Brett Aune, Artistic Director HorseChart Theatre Company

“thought-provoking and touching. Makes us sit up and take notice.”
-Chicago Reader

“one heck of an actress – the girl could dance… this girl could sing too.. enticing showcase [for her] many talents.”
-Go Go Magazine, Denver

“Keep your eye on Lori Hamilton!!! She’s a gifted writer, storyteller, singer and actress. Mixing traditional theater, performance art and her own special blend of whimsy and insight; she creates theatrical events that are both entertaining and relevant to our times. Check her out now or you won’t be able to say ‘I knew her when…!”
-Terry Beaver Tony Award-Nominated Actor

Audience Reviews

* (Independent research study where all responses where reported anonymously to an outside firm. For complete results contact Linda Travis at 404-325-7959)

“Lori Hamilton is to the jet set what Roseanne Barr was to middle America – a thinking woman’s Dilbert.”

“Lori combined and projects her intellect, her heart, and her soul in a real and endearing way.”

“Multi-dimensional, able to touch all emotions plus be bottom line entertaining; she’s real, not an act, even when she is acting. Lori is a uniquely talented person who can mesh fantasy with hard reality. Her experience in the amusing world of business/marketing is an element that I think very few in show biz could match and she should leverage that to the hilt. In this way, she can also make herself more meaningful to the males in her audience – especially the Alphas!”

“Having captured the absurdity in life exquisitely, Lori translates the insanity into hope. Sort of the opposite of bitter. Says being alive, really alive, is good, and it gets better, as long as you maintain your sense of humor.”

“I think she best represents the hero/advisor/fortune teller for the poor, corporate monkeys who feel trapped in jobs they hate and face political fiascoes that even the likes of Ronald Reagan would be hard pressed to escape unscathed on a daily basis (or maybe that’s just my own personal perception acting as a filter). It gets old and people can’t trust anyone who knows what’s going on to talk about their troubles and give them guidance. Her humor seems like a great sort of release for them (they identify with it), they’ll feel better since they’ll know they aren’t alone and they’ll be able to laugh at their situation which is a great way to start looking at it a bit more realistically.”

“Make the audience a part of her world. Watching Lori Hamilton perform is never a two-dimensional experience. She gives herself to the audience and the audience is right there with her.”

“I love her singing best of all – she is really outstanding in this area.”

“Makes me think-laugh…causes my brain to work in tandem with my sense of humor…& I like people who are smart funny…I enjoy people who can bring the everyday aspects of life to the foreground without pandering to the base element in the audience…I think Bill Cosby is a good example of the kind of humor I’m talking about.”

“Relate to the audience’s experience in a smart, funny way Insightful, Caring, Multi-talented, A person not a piece of art (by that I mean that Lori is very different from the typical Hollywood blond that is indistinguishable one from the other – she leverages and celebrates her light and shadows. This makes her work – and herself – deep, meaningful, spiritual, and memorable)”

“Illuminating (she has a special way of lighting up the stage and keeping your eyes on her); Insightful (In her stand-up comedy and on stage, you can see that she is not only funny and talented, but she is also very smart and has a sense of awareness that many do not); Exuberant (Lori carries onto the stage energy that her skin can barely contain. She is full of enthusiasm and loves performing and it shows. Lori is dedicated to the role, be happy and bouncy, or quiet and sad.)”

“Eclectic, Brilliant, Hysterical”

“Razor-sharp wit, sarcastic, reality-based”

“Quirky, Blonde, Bubbly (like a dry champagne)”

“Extraordinary and diverse vocal talent, Humor that relates to the dysfunctional family in all of us; Eclectic”

“A manic mix of creativity, brilliance, fun with serious business smarts and self-deprecation. Marketing ADD or a marketer on speed.”

“The unique value she offers as an entertainer is that she’s a person first and actor/comedienne second, so she has lived in the real world (as opposed to Hollywood) and truly understands the bullshit people deal with in life. she is not at all contrived, so the audience will relate – an engaged audience = high ratings = more advertisers spending more money with whatever network carries the show  (or more subscribers who want to see her – in the case of HBO).”